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Introduction of ultra white U-glass

2019-12-24 13:57


Ultrawhite glass: Ultrawhite glass is an ultra-transparent and low-iron glass. It is a high-quality, multi-functional new type of glass product with a light permeability of more than 91.5 %. It has crystal clear, noble and elegant features. It is called the "Crystal Prince" of the glass family. In the world, ultra-white glass can be produced by PPG in the United States, St. Goban in France, Pierkinton in the United Kingdom, Asahi in Japan, South China, Taiwan, and Xinyi Group. The ultra-white U-glass produced by Xiangjie is also one of them. The ultra-white U-glass produced by Xiangjie is executed according to the EU EN 572-1 glass standard. The true ultra-white glass should have a light permeability of more than 91 % per piece. Many of the ultra-white glass produced by some small manufacturers in China have less than 91 % of the light permeability requirements. The iron content of each piece of real ultra-white glass should be less than 0.03 %. For this point, many domestic companies are also unable to meet the requirements, so we must pay attention to the choice of ultra-white U-glass. The production line uses a new type of melting and forming technology and a leading glass compression production line. A good brand that really knows how to trust.

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